One Of The Most Versatile Pieces Of Gym Equipment You're Probably Not Using...

Whether you are an amateur or professional in the gym, there's a chance you aren't using or haven't heard of this piece of equipment in the gym. This set up allows you to regress movements in the presence of pain and injury and still allow an awesome training stimulus. Yet, you're able to progress movements and challenge yourself in unique ways beyond just dumbbell and barbell movements.

The piece of equipment I'm talking about is a landmine. If you've never heard of a landmine, this is a special attachment that fits one end of a barbell and has a hinge on it. I could explain all of the exercises and movements that this opens up in detail, but I think this is an instance where a video may be worth a thousand words. Check out this video.

Now, obviously there are plenty of people who do not use a landmine or have never heard of them simply because they have never had access to one. In my experience, they are often left out of gyms more accessible to the community - such as the larger chain gyms.

If you have a home gym set up with at least two 45lb plates (or a rack with capability for attachments), these attachments are fairly affordable at a lot of gym equipment suppliers.

If neither of these options are available to you, you can still simulate landmine training by finding a corner of the gym or workout area and place one end of the barbell in it and wha la! - you have a makeshift landmine to trial some of these movements and add this dynamic component to your training.

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