How To Test Your Own Foot Strength

Foot strength is not typically a hot topic amongst gym athletes. It's not the sexy addition to your training that will help you look cool in the gym. However, that does not take away from it's importance for injury prevention and appropriate technique during the main lifts. Here's a quick test that you can do to give you an idea of where your foot strength stands.

If you didn't "pass" this test you're probably thinking "now what?". First off, don't panic. I've seen A LOT of patients at this point in my career and most individuals (even really fit ones) don't have very adequate foot strength when you get down to it. This is likely due to many factors including wearing shoes that cramp our toes together all day, lack of awareness that foot strength is even a thing, and not spending enough time without shoes or barefoot.

The body is excellent at adaptation and will find a way to get things done with or without adequate foot strength. This is great in the short term, but long term we want to address this! If you haven't checked out our social media accounts, check out this video for starter exercises to get your feet stronger.

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