So, What is Physical Therapy?

A valid question

Part of the difficulty in being a physical therapy business is “selling” physical therapy to people, in large part due to the majority of the population not truly understanding what that means. Physical therapy is not always as mainstream in the healthcare community and society, alike. As a profession, we simply don’t always do as great of a job marketing ourselves as some other healthcare professionals, such as chiropractors and massage therapists. I’ve taken it upon myself to write this post as a small effort to do my part and advocate for the profession that I love and the profession that I have seen change people’s lives for the better.

Talk up your brand.

To me, physical therapy (PT) is the art of treating medical conditions, both clinical and subclinical, through functional movement and behavior modification. PT offers a wide variety of interventions to address suboptimal function of the body with the end goal of optimizing that individual’s body to perform whatever it is they need to get back to. Unfortunately, however, it isn’t so black and white to define physical therapy. Physical therapy, like many other professions, covers a wide range of both general and specialty areas. So much so, in fact, that I decided to write an entire e-book on the subject, which you can download below to instantly receive a detailed explanation.

Physical Therapy vs Personal Training

Rather than stand alone services, these professionals should be viewed as different specialists on the same wellness continuum.

A personal trainer is an individual who specializes in creating and implementing exercise and fitness programs aimed at achieving the client’s goals. These individuals are experts in the gym regarding exercise recommendation and workload management in healthy individuals. The education typically consists of an associates or bachelors degree with a certification as a certified personal trainer (CPT) or other specific fitness certification. The person a personal trainer works with is typically termed a “client”.

A physical therapist is a medical professional who specializes in physical rehabilitation following some kind of new or old medical insult or injury (traditionally speaking, the goal of my practice and others is to transition to a more proactive model). The medical knowledge contained in the education to become a physical therapist is the biggest difference between the two professions, as this allows them to assist patients in returning to function in the presence of pathology or disease - many times being the gold standard treatment for the condition. The education consists of a doctorate degree and passing a national licensure exam along with potential specialty area education. The person a physical therapist works with is typically termed a “patient”.

About the Author

Dr. Ryan Queen is a doctor of physical therapy, certified strength and conditioning specialist, and level 1 certified precision nutrition coach, in addition to holding certifications in other adjunct treatment modalities and paradigms.

He created Revolution Performance as a gym-based physical therapy practice and wellness coaching service after becoming frustrated by the conflict of interest that health insurance company restrictions bring. His vision with the company has always been to provide high quality, holistic care while forming life-long relationships.

His mission is to help busy, hard-working adults get out of pain and dysfunction, whether from a current injury, a past one, or just daily aches and pains. In addition, Ryan has a passion for creating a proactive environment where issues are addressed before they become debilitating, or even before they exist.

After working 40 hours a week at a full time job while going to physical therapy school, Ryan knows how it feels to think you do not have enough time in the day to take care of yourself in all facets of health. It has been a goal of his to share the information and strategies he has learned to help others improve their overall health and become more productive.


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