Low Back Pain 101

Low back pain is the single most debilitating condition on the planet. Anyone claiming to have the single "magic fix" for low back pain is written off in my book because of how individualized and multifactorial low back pain is and can be. This, in part, can be why low back pain can be difficult to treat at times. Fortunately, there are many practices and strategies that can both improve low back pain NOW and make it less likely to occur in the future.

A crucial component to figuring out your low back pain is to understand if you have what is called a directional preference, meaning certain movements are either relieving, non-painful, or painful. The easiest place to start is to try bending forwards versus backwards. Does one feel better than the other? If so, you may have a head start on your low back pain and the foundation to an individualized treatment plan.

Check out this video of movements to trial to improve your low back pain if you have pain bending backwards but relief or no pain with bending forwards.

The other side of the spectrum of course is when your low back pain flares up upon bending forwards and relieves or is non-painful with bending backwards. In this case, check out this next video on movements to trial.

As I clarified early on, you cannot simplify low back pain to just pain upon bending forward vs backwards. If I could explain how to treat all low back pain with a single blog post, it likely wouldn't have taken me 6 years (commonly 7 years) to earn a doctorate degree in physical therapy to treat these types of conditions. What this framework does allow is a starting point to begin to evaluate your own low back pain and assess what movements may be a good foundation for your recovery.

Questions? The above information not applicable to you? (i.e. you had pain with bending both directions or nothing changed) Reach out to me or schedule today!

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