3 Tips To Improve The Depth Of Your Squat

Squat depth is often a hot topic in the health and fitness realm. How deep should you be squatting? Parallel? Competition standard? Ass to grass? Regardless, I think we all could agree that you would benefit from being able to get into a deeper squat more EASILY, which is exactly what I detail in this week's post...

Tip #1: Improve the mobility of your hips

The mobility demand from the hips during a squat depends on many factors including mobility of the adjacent joints, type of squat movement, and foot placement during the squat. While these are separate topics entirely, one thing is for certain - the hips will need to move (and well) during your squat. Check out this video to open up your hips prior to your squatting sessions.

Tip #2: Improve the mobility of your ankles

The way your ankles move is easy to overlook when talking about the squat - but this is crucial. Your squat depth is often limited by the degree to which your knee can travel over your toes, especially when squatting below parallel. This ability is governed by the ability for your ankle to dorsiflex, which you can look to improve using some of the movements in this video.

Tip #3: Spend time exploring a deep squat

This one may be a "duh" to some folks, but is crucial for improving the depth of your squat. You can do all the mobility work in the world, but if you don't follow that up with strengthening and loading within the new range specific to the desired movement pattern (i.e. the squat) - it was largely in vain. This video is a good summary of all the tips presented here if you would like to start to improve your squat depth.

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