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Why is low back pain so common?

Low back pain is the number 1 musculoskeletal cause of disability in the word, but what makes our low back seem so fragile?

Mobility vs Flexibility: Why is mobility important?

People often use these terms interchangeably, but theres one major difference. Read how lack of a regular mobility routine can be the difference between daily aches and pains and feeling invigorated each and every day.

What is dry needling and how can it help me?

Dry needling has really become popular and appealing in recent years, but how can needles actually help me?

How to foam roll effectively

There’s plenty of controversy on foam rolling on both the internet and social media. Learn what is backed by science and how it applies to optimizing your training and recovery.

Why you should see a physical therapist FIRST

Doctors of physical therapy are highly trained professionals that can help screen your problem or concern - typically in a more time-efficient and cost-effective manner.

So, what is physical therapy (PT)?

Physical therapy is a large profession covering a wide variety of specialties and expertise. Due to this, it is often difficult to explain what exactly physical therapy is and what it means to need it. This is exactly why I wanted to write a post and an e-book on the subject. Click below to find out how physical therapy can help you.

How does cupping therapy work?

Cupping therapy gained significant popularity after this picture and many others portrayed Micheal Phelps’ markings in the Olympics many years ago. Is there real merit to this technique? How could it help your situation?

What can taping therapy do for me?

Kinesiology taping, KT Tape, RockTape, elastic tape, KT - whatever you choose to call it - has become very popular among both professional and recreational athletes. What makes it so popular? What does the science say? What is it useful for?

Underrated benefits of exercise

Most people know that exercise is a generally healthy task, but the medicinal effect of pushing your body regularly might surprise you…

5 Fitness Gurus I Follow On IG

There's a lot of fitness-related information on the internet these days. It's easy to get overwhelmed with the sheer volume of knowledge to sift through. One way that I make sure I'm exposed to more good information than bad information is I'm strategic about who I follow on social media. Read the full post to see my top 5 fitness experts to follow on Instagram.

No More Back To Baseline

Many individuals that I treat initially have this as their goal following an injury. It sounds intuitive, right? It makes sense that when you go through injury or a painful condition that you are often thinking about how things were completely fine a couple weeks or months ago. Maybe even to the point where you took your pain-free state for granted and are now kicking yourself for doing so. Whatever the reason, you want to get back to the way things were before – aka: baseline. I’m going to explain why we need to strive to be better with this mindset.

The Ultimate Low Back Pain Guide

Low back pain is the single most debilitating condition on the planet. This is not to scare you or discourage you – just to let you know that you are not alone. Many low back pain sufferers discover how to utilize targeted movement to manage and self-treat their conditions every day. Let’s stop “medicalizing” a condition that in most cases is not a medical issue to begin with. Let’s build up your back so strong that you no longer fear bending, lifting, or twisting and you can get back to life the way YOU want. Read the full post to find out more!

When MRI Isn’t The Answer

You are not a sum of your medical image! As a physical therapist, all too often I see people overly concerned with a finding that a medical provider told them about on their medical image (X-ray, CT, MRI, etc.). Read this post to find out why that isn't always the answer!

The Ultimate Guide To Plantar Fasciitis

Dealing with heel or foot pain? Check out my e-book explaining the do’s and dont’s around plantar fasciitis in this post

10 Simple Workout Routines For Beginners

“I don’t have enough time to workout or exercise” is a phrase I hear all too often as a physical therapist. I get it, life has a way of getting in the way sometimes. However, it usually comes down to priorities. I find that most people don’t know the risk and consequences of NOT exercising. It’s not as simple as exercise is a hobby or luxury that you only do when you have down time. A quote that I always come back to is “if you don’t make time for your fitness and wellness, you will be forced to make time for your illness/injury”. I couldn’t agree more and this is a large component to why I practice physical therapy the way that I do. Check out this post to find simple workouts for beginners!

Keeping Healthy Boulders (Shoulders)

The shoulder joint is the most mobile joint in the entire body. As a result, it is often prone to injury. We can mitigate this risk to a large degree with smart training methods when it comes to our shoulder workouts. Check out these moves in this post to add a new component to your shoulder routine!

Why Your Thoracic Spine Deserves Some Attention

Neck, back, or shoulder pain? Chances are, your thoracic spine (or mid-back region) is contributing to this in some way. Let me explain why and show you how to fix it…check out this post!

So, How Does This Work?

I’m often asked how I’m able to treat various conditions as a physical therapist and what the process looks like. This is the future of health with the ability to avoid the negative side effects that come with medication, injections, or surgery. Check out this post on what the process looks like and how I may be able to help you…

Pay Attention To This Body Part

This body part can help decrease risk of knee, foot, and ankle injury in addition to creating a more explosive athletic performance. Inability to efficiently use it can even lead to increased strain/demand on the shoulder joint during training. Modern shoes and lifestyles have unfortunately led to this body part being overlooked and often stiff, leading to issues up and down the chain. Read this post to find out if you guessed the correct body part!

3 Magical Stretches

Feeling tight after work? Maybe even after a tough training session? There are a couple of muscles that tend to escape regular movement in our daily activities and training, unless we specifically address them. Check out this post for these movements to see if you could benefit from adding them to your routine.

The Truth About Core Training

We’ve all heard at one point or another that core training is important, but what is the core and why does it matter? The easiest example and way to FEEL the job the core was designed to do is to blow forcefully out of a small straw (such as a coffee stirrer) and feel the entire cylinder of muscle tense and contract. Read this post to find out more...

Old Or Weak?

Dive into the scientific data and you may begin to ask yourself the same question. The mindset that we adopt related to aging may be more detrimental than the physical impact of aging itself. Sarcopenia is the scientific term that refers to the age-related decline of muscle mass and strength along with it. This phenomenon is well documented and often in the neighborhood of 5% decline in muscle mass per decade after 30 years of age, though dependent on a number of factors. Read this post to find out more..

Move…..Or Die?

The relationship between physical activity and all-cause mortality, or death, is a striking one. Admittedly, I’m biased as a physical therapist in terms of pushing to get individuals more active. Typically I’m doing so to assist in relief of a painful or limiting condition and to improve the overall health of the individual. However, in review of the current evidence, it appears that increasing both intensity and duration of physical activity can also improve longevity and dodge death from a variety of causes.

Read this post to find out more..

Sport Elbow?

Elbow pain tends to be one of those conditions that people tend to ignore for long periods of time until they physically CANNOT ignore it any longer. Though the elbow is a relatively small area of the body, pain and dysfunction here can have huge impacts on daily activity – typically with things such as gripping, lifting, or manipulating objects. Check out these simple tips in this post for getting your elbow pain taken care of once and for all.

Improve Your Squat

Squat depth is often a hot topic in the health and fitness realm. How deep should you be squatting? Parallel? Competition standard? Ass to grass? Regardless, I think we all could agree that you would benefit from being able to get into a deeper squat more EASILY, which is exactly what I detail in this blog post…check it out below!


Tendon injury, including overuse over time and acute injury, can be some of the most painful and annoying musculoskeletal conditions of them all. If you’ve ever dealt with a nagging tendon issue, you didn’t need to hear that from me to believe it. A supplementary device that I find can be helpful in my patients is called a “chopat strap”. I also find that many people have never heard of this device and so I wanted to outline this device and how it works in this post…check it out!

Put An End To Clicking & Popping Shoulders

The shoulder joint is the most mobile joint in the body. In part due to this, many of my clientele complain of clicking and popping within the shoulder (or shoulderS) and this can be anywhere from painful to annoying. Check out this blog post to understand the full shoulder joint and what you can do to put an end to your clicky and poppy shoulders…

Test Your Own Foot Strength

Foot strength is not typically a hot topic amongst gym athletes. It’s not the sexy addition to your training that will help you look cool in the gym. However, that does not take away from it’s importance for injury prevention and appropriate technique during the main lifts. Check out a quick test that you can do to give you an idea of where your foot strength stands in this post.

Underrated Gym Equipment

Whether you are an amateur or professional in the gym, there’s a chance you aren’t using or haven’t heard of this piece of equipment in the gym. This set up allows you to regress movements in the presence of pain and injury and still allow an awesome training stimulus. Yet, you’re able to progress movements and challenge yourself in unique ways beyond just dumbbell and barbell movements. Check it out in this post.

Become A Quadzilla

If there is one thing that being a physical therapist has taught me, it’s that being a stronger human typically means less pain and injury. Knee pain is no exception. One of the first rehab targets after an ACL repair or total knee replacement is the strength and function of the quad muscle located on the front of the thigh. Read this post to learn more...

Hip Flexor Mobility

A feeling of "tightness" in the front of the hip is a very common symptom I hear in the general and gym populations. Many individuals search for the perfect stretch or mobility drill that they need to target the location and often this feels amazing in the short term. However, the feeling of tightness inevitably comes back leading to a feeling or needing to perform the stretch excessively throughout the day. Check out this post to learn more.

Low Back Pain 101

Low back pain is the single most debilitating condition on the planet. Anyone claiming to have the single "magic fix" for low back pain is written off in my book because of how individualized and multifactorial low back pain is and can be. This, in part, can be why low back pain can be difficult to treat at times. Fortunately, there are many practices and strategies that can both improve low back pain NOW and make it less likely to occur in the future. Check out the full post for details.

Workout Finishers

We all know the feeling of leaving the gym having conquered a tough workout. This often comes with feeling exhausted and like you can barely walk, but overall promotes feelings of accomplishment and pride. A crucial aspect of increasing one's fitness (and resilience as a human, by extension) is pushing yourself to your limits. I like to incorporate what are often termed "workout finishers" at the end of my gym sessions every now and then as an opportunity to push myself further than I thought I could go previously, often both mentally and physically. Check out this post to learn more.

A Real Pain In The Groin

Few pain locations are worse than the dreaded groin pain. Similar to low back pain, it's often tough to perform any movement without feeling the strain on a painful groin. Groin pain and injury can be particularly frustrating, not to mention lingering. Check out this post to learn how to get rid of it once and for all.

Train Fast To Stay Young

Sarcopenia is the medical term to describe the unfortunate phenomenon of losing muscle mass as we age. If that doesn't sound bad enough already, this is an issue because decreased muscle mass (and usually strength, as a result) is associated in the research with increased risk of disease, injury, and even all-cause mortality. The good news is that the research also shows us that we can actively combat this, which is exactly what I detail in this post...

About the Author

Dr. Ryan Queen is a doctor of physical therapy, certified strength and conditioning specialist, and level 1 certified precision nutrition coach, in addition to holding certifications in other adjunct treatment modalities and paradigms.

He created Revolution Performance as a gym-based physical therapy practice and wellness coaching service after becoming frustrated by the conflict of interest that health insurance company restrictions bring. His vision with the company has always been to provide high quality, holistic care while forming life-long relationships.

His mission is to help busy, hard-working adults get out of pain and dysfunction, whether from a current injury, a past one, or just daily aches and pains. In addition, Ryan has a passion for creating a proactive environment where issues are addressed before they become debilitating, or even before they exist.

After working 40 hours a week at a full time job while going to physical therapy school, Ryan knows how it feels to think you do not have enough time in the day to take care of yourself in all facets of health. It has been a goal of his to share the information and strategies he has learned to help others improve their overall health and become more productive.


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