A Real Pain In The Groin

Few pain locations are worse than the dreaded groin pain. Similar to low back pain, it's often tough to perform any movement without feeling the strain on a painful groin. Groin pain and injury can be particularly frustrating, not to mention lingering.

The "groin" in most cases relates to a group of muscles termed the adductors located on the inside of the thigh and traveling all the way up to attach to the pubic bone. Many people come to me describing a feeling of "tightness"in this region - leading them to believe they need the perfect stretch to combat. In terms of a true muscle strain, this injury is common in field sports such as soccer.

While stretching this area is often relieving in the short term, the true cause in my experience is more commonly weakness in this area. The adductors and hip flexors are similar in that they are muscles that often become weak and deconditioned from a lack of training. Check out this video for some strengthening moves to build your groin back strong and pain-free.

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